BA studies

Subject name ECTS
Anatomy 3
Physiology 3
Patology 3
Biochemistry and biophysics 1,5
Genetics 1
Mikrobiology and parasitology 1,5
Pharmacology 2
Radiology 1
English language 4
Psychology 1,5
Sociology 1,5
Pedagogy 2
Law 1
Epidemiology 1
Basics of nursing work organization 1
Organization of health care 1
Higiene 2
Philosophy and ethics of nursing 1
Basics of nursing 19
Promotion of health 4
Basic healthcare 14
Dietetics 1
Physical examinations 2
Obstetrics, gynecology and gynecological nursing 7
Pediatrics and pediatric nursing 17
Internal diseases and internal medicine nursing 15
Surgery and surgical nursing 15
Rehabilitation and care of the disabled 8
Geriatrics and geriatric nursing 9
Neurology and neurological nursing 9
Psychiatry and psychiatric nursing 8
Anaesthesiology and nursing of patients in life-threatening situations 5
Palliative care 5
Basics of acute medical care 2
Health promotion and health education in health policy 3
Marketing in health promotion and education 3
Health promotion and health education in different age groups 9
Organization of health promotion in local communities 1,5
Contracting nursing services 2
Structural funds in health care 3
Occupational medicine 3
Organization and quality management of medical services 1,5
Information systems in health care 3

MA studies

Subject name ECTS
Theory of nursing 2
European nursing 2
Health and professional problems of nurses 1
Quality management in health care 6
Research in Nursing 2
Basics of medical statistics 2
Medical didactics 2
Health education for the elderly and families / Education of children and young people in the field of first aid 5
The basics of psychotherapy 3
Health psychology 2
Problems of multiculturalism in medicine 2
English language 7
Modern diagnostic techniques 3
Pulmonology with regard to patients of different age groups 1
The basis of diagnosis and treatment 1
Hematological disorders related to age 1
Genito-urinary system disorders and dialysis 1
Endocrine and metabolic disorders in different age groups 2
Gastroenterology including patients in different age groups 1
Selected neurological diseases associated with age 2
Dermatological diseases in different age groups 1
Fundamentals of cardiology with elements of cardiac surgery 2
Fundamentals of pain and acute treatment 1
Intensive therapy and nursing in intensive care 5
Nursing care for chronic respiratory diseases 4
Nursing care for patients with vascular diseases 4
Nursing care for chronic kidney disease 4
Nursing care for a patient with blood diseases 3
Nursing patient with chronic wounds 4
Nursing care for a diabetic patient 4
Nursing care for patients with intestinal fistula 2
Nursing care for a patient with multiple sclerosis 1
Nursing care over a patient in a senate in a neighborhood 4
Nursing care for patients with chronic or acute pain 3
Nursing care for a patient with cardiovascular disease 3
Nursing care for orthopedic and rheumatoid arthritis 3
Fundamentals of nursing care for patients with mental illness and family 4
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