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Our university was founded in 1997 by the Kielce Association for Economic Education, represented by Tadeusz Dziekan, Andrzej Mroczek, Zdobysław Kuleszyński, and Zbigniew Szczepańczyk. Since 2022 its name is the Professor Edward Lipinski Academy of Applied Sciences (Akademia Nauk Stosowanych im. prof. Edwarda Lipińskiego), in short: Lipinski University.

Our university was founded in 1997 by the Kielce Association for Economic Education, represented by Tadeusz Dziekan, Andrzej Mroczek, Zdobysław Kuleszyński, and Zbigniew Szczepańczyk. Since2013 its name is the Professor Edward Lipinski School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences (Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomii, Prawa i Nauk Medycznych im. prof. Edwarda Lipińskiego), in short: Lipinski University.

The school  is based in a modern, centrally located campus, which ranks the school among the biggest private universities in the country. The proximity of the building makes work, study and recreation easy for both students and staff. At present, over 3000 students are educated at the university on undergraduate and graduate programmes and within fourteen specialisations. Lipinski University  is the best private institution of higher education in the region and ranks among the most prestigious private universities in the country. League tables published by Polish magazines and newspapers (Polityka, Wprost, Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita) consistently rank our university  among the top institutions of higher education in the country.


The school’s educational achievements and involvement in local community life has earned it numerous awards and distinctions. Among the awards were “The Leader of the Region”, “Wings”, “Special Wings with Diamonds”, “European Wings”, “Golden Emeryk”, “Eagles of the Republic”, “European Medal”. In 2006 Lipinski University was nominated for the prize “The Leader of Polish Business”, awarded by Business Centre Club. In 2008 the School won the “Cent of future” award in the “Product with a future” category.

Educational offer of the Lipinski University

full-time and extramural systems of studies

Field of study: (click to view programmes of study) Type of studies:  
Law MA studies  
Administration BA studies  
Internal Security BA & MA studies  
Economics BA and MA studies  
Management and coaching  BA & MA studies  
Finance and Accounting BA studies  
Cosmetology BA & MA studies  
Nursing BA & MA studies  

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) and Transcript of Records in English as a supplement to a diploma issued by School of Economics, Law and Medical Sciences enables a student to follow an individual path of studies, including studies abroad. In 2007 the university was granted the “extended” Erasmus University Charter (PL KIELCE05). Lipinski University has three research centres: – Academic Centre for European Studies (ACSE) – Academic Centre of Regional Research (AOBR) – Centre of Research on Territorial Self-government (OBST) These centres support research and teaching at the school’s basic organizational units and carry out surveys and compilations for bodies of government administration, enterprises, schools, associations and non-governmental organizations. Students have the opportunity to be granted the Ministry of Education scholarships. Student grants are also given by the school. The educational offer of the school is supplemented by postgraduate studies.

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Students Research Circles offer an opportunity for the students to deepen their knowledge and to take part in research work, symposiums, educational trip, meetings with representatives of science, business, politics and culture. The outstanding achievements are presented during inter-school Conferences of Student Research Circles which are organized every year at the Lipinski University. Papers, reports and other compilations are published in the Students Research Papers. The University publishes also research papers of its staff. The publications include textbooks and academic lectures, reports on own research projects, conference and seminar papers, periodic publications. The students’ journal „Student” keeps everybody up to date on the events that take place at the university, the current issues of the academic community and provides a forum for our young authors’ literary works.

Careers Office has been working at the University since 2002. Its most important mission is supporting students and graduates in their pursuit of a good career. Careers Office offers training and advice, organizes workshops, gathers and provides information about workplaces, domestic and foreign apprenticeship and possibilities of improving qualifications.

Sports Club comprises five sections: women and men volleyball, football, skiing and swimming. Qualified Tourism Club organized several interesting events combining tourism and extreme sports e.g. The Crown of Polish Mountains (climbing 28 peaks in 11 days and 8 hours) trekking along the mountainous southern border of Poland (from Wołosaty in Bieszczady to the Izerskie Mountains in Sudety).Furthermore, the Sport Club organizes the annual Holy Cross Mountain rally that commemorates Poland’s accession to the European Union.

Traditional student festivities, such as Juwenalia, Otrzęsiny, Andrzejki, Halloween and a varied night life offer make student life in Kielce an unforgettable experience.

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International Office

ul. Jagiellonska 109 A, 25-734 Kielce, Poland

Erasmus coordinator: Mr Przemyslaw Szczepanczyk, M.A. Room 130. Thursday, Friday 10:00 – 18:00, Saturday 10:00 – 14:00.

phone: +48 602 320 570


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