Internal security

BA studies

Subject name ECTS
Physical education 2
Information technology 2
Philosophy 3
Basic economics 3
Poland in the EU 3
Protection of intellectual property 2
Ergonomics 2
History of internal security protection 3
Psychology 2
Sociology 3
Organization and management 2
Science of the state and law 5
State security 4
Internal security in the European Union 3
Human rights and professional ethics of state service officers 3
Criminology and forensics 8
Fighting crime 6
Security in transportation 3
Economic security 3
Protection of people, property, objects and areas 4
Security of local communities and the creation of safe spaces 3
Protection of personal and classified information 2
Combating terrorism 3
Crisis management 3
Security of mass events and gatherings 1
Administration and state security 5
Security and public safety authorities 4
Modern systems of communication 2
Pre-medical rescue 2
Selected issues of logistics and public finance 2
Resocialization of socially maladjusted people 4
Criminal material law 6
Criminal trial law 6
Law of misdeamenaour 4
Administrative law 5
Administrative proceedings 5
Tactics and techniques of intervention and self-defense 19
Criminal analysis 2
Fighting crime in cyberspace 4
Logistics in crisis situations 3
Social psychology 5
Terrorist threats to the economy and business security 8
Protection of the population. Basics of the civil defense plan 6
Tactics and techniques of intervention and self-defense 19
Technical Rescue 2
Interpersonal communication and  basic negotiation techniques in crisis situations 5
Elements of basic jurisprudence 2
General material criminal law and law of misdemenaour 2
Special  material criminal law and law of misdemenaour 3
Criminal provisions in selected special legal acts 2
On-site operations prior to inspection 2
Inspection 2
Receiving crime reports 1
Interviewing witness 1
Human rights, police ethics and police history 2
Providing information to representatives of the mass media 1
Checking people’s identity 1
Preparation for the use of coersive measures 2
Preparation for the use of firearms 2
First aid 4
Arresting suspects 1
Personal inspection, baggage check, cargo check 1
Inspecting people, places and things 1
Carrying out orders of proper authorities and providing assistance 1
Carrying out interventions and dealing with people who are under the influence of alcohol or similar substances 1
Basics of road communication 2
Policing roads 2
Withholding documents, moving and immobilising vehicles 2
Basic operations at the scene of a traffic incident 2
Traffic controls 2
Introduction to proceedings in cases of misdemenaour 2
Corrective measures and giving fines for road misdemenaours 2
Discovery process 2
Interviewing suspects 2
Request for punishment 1
Accelerated proceedings 1
Policeman’s conduct in crisis situations 2
Social pathologies and the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency 4
Applying physical force as a means of direct coercion 5

MA studies

Subject name ECTS
Internal security strategy 3
Sociology of crisis situations 2
Psychology of threats 2
Geography of security 1
Internal security organizations in Poland 3
Protection of classified information 2
Security research methodology 2
Civil protection and civil defense 3
Prevention of terrorism – preliminary issues 3
The role and significance of states of emergency in Poland 2
Logistics and management of internal security systems 4
Contemporary criminal and economic terrorism threats in Poland 4
Protection of intellectual property 4
Auditing and controlling in the field of security 4
Quality management in institutions responsible for internal security 5
Energy security 4
Threat identification and risk analysis 3
Internal security – legal regulations 3
Protection against means of mass destruction 3
Information and telecommunication security 4
Ceberterrorism as a threat to universal security 5
Tactics and techniques of fighting cybercrime 6
Basic cryptology 5
Origin and development trends of non-public internal security services systems in Poland 2
Starting and conducting business activity in the field of non-public security services 2
Types of commercial security services 2
Physical and technical protection of persons and property 3
Control and supervision of non-public security services 2
Staff operations in crisis management 3
Collaboration of commercial law enforcement services with state authorities 3
Leadership and negotiation in crisis situations 3
Security of mass events 2
Methodology for preparing documentation when organizing mass events and public gatherings 2
Organization and realization of security activities during mass events and public gatherings 5
Legal elements of organizing mass events and public gatherings 5
Organization of mass events and public gatherings in the activities of social and religious movements 6
Audit and control of information systems 2
Ethics in the activities of the auditor 2
Protection of personal data and databases 5
Legal basis for information security 3
Audit and control procedures 4
Information security system in organizations 4
Etiology of security threats in local communities 1
Social pathologies and security threats to local communities 1
Security in public transportation 2
Natural environment preservation 1
Safety of children and adolescents 2
Financial market security 2
Food security 3
Tactics and techniques for protecting people, property, objects and areas 3
Prevention of internal threats 3
Education for safety 2
Organizational and legal basis of service in fire protection. 1
Basics of fire prevention 2
Technical equipment of voluntary fire protection services 1
Firefighting and rescue tactics 2
Firefighting and rescue equipment 2
Physical and chemical phenomena and extinguishing agents 1
Psychological aspects of rescue operations 1
Safety of buildings 1
Road rescue 2
Basic principles of human resources management 1
Conducting and coordinating rescue and firefighting operations 2
Internal service – drill 1
Operation of the voluntary fire protection rescue services in special situations 2
Occupational safety and hygiene in voluntary fire protection 1
Organized crime in Poland, conditions, types and scale of the phenomenon 4
Corruption and crime in civil service 5
Areas of organized crime operations 5
Tactics and techniques of fighting organized crime 6
Public authorities in the crisis management system in Poland 2
Legal and organizational basis for crisis management 2
Natural disasters, catastrophes and  states of emergency in Polish legal system 5
Commanding and leading operations in crisis situations 3
Organization and functioning of civil defense 3
Media in crisis situations 2
Police as a service in the protection of constitutional order in Poland 2
Professional ethics of uniformed services 2
Commanding and leading operations of uniformed services 3
Crime prevention strategy 2
Tactics of detecting criminal and economic crime 2
Documentation of preparatory proceedings 3
Documentation of complaint proceedings 3
Documentation of disciplinary proceedings 3
Criminology and forensics as a scientific field supporting the detection process 2
Forensic tactics and techniques 2
Contemporary forensic theories 2
Forensic psychiatry 3
Criminal vicitimology 3
Criminal suicidology 4
Crime prevention 4
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